Discover How Going Green Tax Experts Help Homeowners Who Have Gone Solar Get Back 60 - 80% of the Total System Price by Claiming Very Specialized Incentives Most Homeowners & CPA's Miss!

Why  Work  With Going Green Tax Experts?
We have become the the preferred partner for Solar Dealers, Installers, and Finance companies to refer their clients to. We have direct partnerships with some of the largest companies nationwide because we help their clients receive every tax incentive available. 

We specialize in Green Tax Incentives, and with 76,000 pages in the IRS Tax Code many deductions go unclaimed.  Most clients will never be made aware of these, and can leave thousands of dollars in additional incentives unclaimed. 

Most clients are familiar with the 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit on Solar Panel Systems. However, If you visit (Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency®) you will see that in most states you have between 30 to 250 or more Policies & Incentives on Clean Energy Investments. 

Let us help you find all the incentives you are entitled to.

What Do We Need To Help You

The Importance of Speaking With Us Even If You Have a CPA

What Does Going Green Tax Experts Charge For Our Services

How Did We Get Your Information to Help You With Your Solar Tax Incentives

What Do You Do If You Already Filed Your Taxes

Who Qualifies For These Additional Tax Incentives For Going Solar

Why We Offer a FREE Tax Consultation Regarding Your Solar System

Who We Are & How We Can Help Homeowners Who Have Gone Solar

We Get You Back More Money!
 We find an average of $6,000 in additional tax incentives, UP & ABOVE the standard federal tax credit or any state credits, for homeowners who have gone solar in the past 3 years
Tax Incentives Are Still Available!
 Even if you leased your panels, you may qualify for several more specialized incentives for upgrading your home
You Have Nothing To Lose!
The consultation we offer is free, so you have nothing to lose and thousands of dollars to gain if you qualify!
Read What Our Clients Are Saying!
"Going Green Tax Experts helped us write off and recover $16,000 more than our former CPA told us we could receive. We were able to pay off our loan for the solar panels in half the original time we expected due to their help."
Sandra & Steve E. 
Orem, UT
"Our adviser from Going Green Tax Experts spent the time to educate us and make sure we understood how and why we were eligible for additional incentives we didn’t know previously existed. This helped us make an informed decision and saved us thousands of dollars."
Glenn & Renee D.
Thousand Oaks, CA
"We were so happy with the results of working with The Going Green Tax Experts for our solar panel taxes, that we now have them managing all our financial needs. With their flat rate system for accounting, it has saved us thousands of dollars each year."
Reggie & Marie W.
Phoenix, AZ
"As a new real estate investor, Going Green Tax Experts walked me through step by step how make sure I was set up to protect myself and all of my investments. I’m also able to call in to my assigned CPA with questions at anytime, which is a huge benefit as I’m learning this business."
David J. 
San Antonio, TX
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